Second Meeting: The Fruits of Our Labor

After gallivanting around the strawberry fields, the Charlotte Food Bloggers got together on May 21 to enjoy the fruits of our labor — and creativity! Who knew you could do so much with a strawberry? Well, these guys did:

Just like last month, there was another fantastic spread. Lots of camera clicking, lots of bloggy chat. Topics around the table this time ranged from the current plight of food trucks in Charlotte to what our newest member, Crosby, should name his fledgling blog (he settled on Crosby Stills and Flash — go check it out!)

Thankfully, even with all of the chatter, we managed to eat plenty.

-Kelly from Foodie Fresh, brought fresh, cool Asian Nappa Cabbage Slaw.

-Alison from Wish Upon a Chef brought an amazing sweet and spicy Strawberry Salsa with cinnamon sugar chips.

-Julie from Willow Bird Baking brought a Strawberry Cream Pie based on an old family recipe.

-Julia from No Face Plate brought a rockin’ Strawberry Caprese Tart.

-Katie from Sweet Tater Blog brought both strawberry jam and some amazing raw figgy brownies with a layer of strawberry jam on top.

-Diana from The Chic Life brought some bright, fresh tabbouleh — that we missed a photo of 😦

-Ensley from The Preppy Vegan brought some satisfying vegan artichoke dip. Not long after the meeting, she headed off to Teach for America’s training institute — best wishes for that new beginning, Ensley!

-Taylor from Taylor Takes a Taste brought a delicious bowl of roasted sweet potato salad.

-Crosby, of the aforementioned Crosby Stills and Flash, brought another bright red fruit to the strawberry party: fresh cherries!

-Finally, Emma, the lovely Southern Cake Queen swooped in with some pretty pink strawberry cupcakes.

Some important notes if you missed this meeting:

– Be sure to come to Amelie’s on June 17 to meet Helene Dujardin, food photographer extraordinaire, who will be in town signing her new book Plate to Pixel.
– Our next meeting will be Tuesday, June 28 — our first weeknight meetup! Details will follow.
– We’d love suggestions for conversation topics, field trips, group challenges, pot luck themes, etc. Record your field trip suggestions here.


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