A Rally For Food Trucks! 8/18

Hey everyone! I have an exciting announcement! Our next meet up will be at the Chow Down Uptown Food Truck event. I am sure most of you have heard of this event that has been occurring in Uptown Charlotte, and I know a lot of you have been, and if you haven’t it will be a great event  to check out!

There will be plenty of fun and food. So let’s go and support our local Food Truck Community.

The event is

Charlotte Chow Down Uptown

Thursday August 18th from 5-9

In the parking lot next to Dixie’s Tavern and across from 7th Street Station.

Plan on getting there early in past events the trucks have sold out as early as 7pm.

Look for the group of people with cameras and are taking pictures of their food! We shouldn’t be too hard to pick out.

If you follow is on twitter, we will be tweeting where and what we are eating!

If you will be attending leave a comment and let us know! Look forward to seeing everyone out!




9 Comments on “A Rally For Food Trucks! 8/18”

  1. I’ve got it on my calendar….thanks guys!

  2. Sounds good….. I’ll be there!

  3. I really hope I can make this! I took my family to Chow Down Uptown when they visited from NY a few weeks ago. The 100-degree temps really put a damper on the fun.

    Love that Charlotte is starting to get a food truck culture!

  4. crosby IG says:

    im sorry i cant make it. ill be in puerto rico.

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