August Meeting: Food Truck Rally

The Chow Down Uptown Food Truck Rally has really grown since its humble initial gathering. It’s stopped meeting every week and more food trucks have joined, resulting in bigger crowds at each event. Charlotte Food Bloggers decided to descend upon the rally and let the food trucks do all of our prep work for our August meeting. Someone else can cook for a change! We’ll just mingle. And eat. And critique. And snap photos and stuff.

Like this.

Vanessa‘s photographing a root beer float cupcake.

Mary picked blueberry instead. This shot was taken right before a Fox News EDGE reporter started bugging her to take a bite on camera. Who wants to do that?!

She did end up in a cute news clip — no on-camera masticating involved, thankfully. Her 15 seconds of fame are at the 0:55 mark.

But back to those cupcakes . . .

That’s a flippin’ ELVIS CUPCAKE on the left, y’all, from Cupcake Delirium. Peanut butter, banana, and candied flippin’ BACON. And Jamie nabbed a S’mores cupcake. I kind of want to stick my face in that toasted marshmallow frosting. Heck yes!

I notice, by the way, we don’t have shots of any food other than cupcakes. You can tell we prioritize. And by ‘we’ I mean Taylor.

L-R: Jamie, VanessaTaylor, Mary, Julie

Anyhow, fun times were had by all (aren’t we cute?) at our low-prep meeting. We enjoyed the easy breezy nature of the meetup so much that we’re doing it again! Here’s what you need to know if you missed us:

Some important notes:

– Our next meeting will be Thursday, September 22  at 5 pm at the CHOW DOWN Uptown Food Truck Rally (at the NC Music Factory behind the Fillmore). Bring cash, since most trucks don’t take cards.

– We’d love suggestions for conversation topics, field trips, group challenges, pot luck themes, etc. Record your field trip suggestions here.

-Taylor just created a new website for all his tailgating info! Go check out his new digs at Taylor Tailgates! All of his photography posts will stay on Taylor Takes a Taste.


One Comment on “August Meeting: Food Truck Rally”

  1. This looks like so much fun! Thanks for posting, I’ll definitely look forward to checking it out in the future!

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