Charlotte Food Bloggers is collective of queen city folks who meet to hang out, eat, and share their food bloggery knowledge. Whenever we get together with other food bloggers, the conversation is so fun and valuable — we decided to schedule a regular time to do so!

The group has a low-key monthly meeting where we share both food and ideas. Topics we discuss include photography, writing, recipe development, traffic, blog infrastructure, food blogging conferences, etc. We sometimes do some optional blog challenges (e.g. taking a common recipe or ingredient and each posting our own fun spin on it), take some foodie field trips together (farmer’s market, vineyard trip, or berry picking, anyone?), and generally support each other and have fun.

If you have a food-focused blog and are interested in joining in, send us an email at charlottefoodbloggers ‘at’ gmail.com.


One Comment on “About”

  1. @silivio11greco says:

    I do not have a blog , but do aspire to write one. I recently opened a twittter account , & came across CFB. Looking to see if there is any advice you (CFB) ,Would have for soneone new to this. Thank u for your time in advance!


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