August Meeting: Food Truck Rally

The Chow Down Uptown Food Truck Rally has really grown since its humble initial gathering. It’s stopped meeting every week and more food trucks have joined, resulting in bigger crowds at each event. Charlotte Food Bloggers decided to descend upon the rally and let the food trucks do all of our prep work for our August meeting. Someone else can cook for a change! We’ll just mingle. And eat. And critique. And snap photos and stuff.

Like this.

Vanessa‘s photographing a root beer float cupcake.

Mary picked blueberry instead. This shot was taken right before a Fox News EDGE reporter started bugging her to take a bite on camera. Who wants to do that?!

She did end up in a cute news clip — no on-camera masticating involved, thankfully. Her 15 seconds of fame are at the 0:55 mark.

But back to those cupcakes . . .

That’s a flippin’ ELVIS CUPCAKE on the left, y’all, from Cupcake Delirium. Peanut butter, banana, and candied flippin’ BACON. And Jamie nabbed a S’mores cupcake. I kind of want to stick my face in that toasted marshmallow frosting. Heck yes!

I notice, by the way, we don’t have shots of any food other than cupcakes. You can tell we prioritize. And by ‘we’ I mean Taylor.

L-R: Jamie, VanessaTaylor, Mary, Julie

Anyhow, fun times were had by all (aren’t we cute?) at our low-prep meeting. We enjoyed the easy breezy nature of the meetup so much that we’re doing it again! Here’s what you need to know if you missed us:

Some important notes:

– Our next meeting will be Thursday, September 22  at 5 pm at the CHOW DOWN Uptown Food Truck Rally (at the NC Music Factory behind the Fillmore). Bring cash, since most trucks don’t take cards.

– We’d love suggestions for conversation topics, field trips, group challenges, pot luck themes, etc. Record your field trip suggestions here.

-Taylor just created a new website for all his tailgating info! Go check out his new digs at Taylor Tailgates! All of his photography posts will stay on Taylor Takes a Taste.


Second Meeting: The Fruits of Our Labor

After gallivanting around the strawberry fields, the Charlotte Food Bloggers got together on May 21 to enjoy the fruits of our labor — and creativity! Who knew you could do so much with a strawberry? Well, these guys did:

Just like last month, there was another fantastic spread. Lots of camera clicking, lots of bloggy chat. Topics around the table this time ranged from the current plight of food trucks in Charlotte to what our newest member, Crosby, should name his fledgling blog (he settled on Crosby Stills and Flash — go check it out!)

Thankfully, even with all of the chatter, we managed to eat plenty.

-Kelly from Foodie Fresh, brought fresh, cool Asian Nappa Cabbage Slaw.

-Alison from Wish Upon a Chef brought an amazing sweet and spicy Strawberry Salsa with cinnamon sugar chips.

-Julie from Willow Bird Baking brought a Strawberry Cream Pie based on an old family recipe.

-Julia from No Face Plate brought a rockin’ Strawberry Caprese Tart.

-Katie from Sweet Tater Blog brought both strawberry jam and some amazing raw figgy brownies with a layer of strawberry jam on top.

-Diana from The Chic Life brought some bright, fresh tabbouleh — that we missed a photo of 😦

-Ensley from The Preppy Vegan brought some satisfying vegan artichoke dip. Not long after the meeting, she headed off to Teach for America’s training institute — best wishes for that new beginning, Ensley!

-Taylor from Taylor Takes a Taste brought a delicious bowl of roasted sweet potato salad.

-Crosby, of the aforementioned Crosby Stills and Flash, brought another bright red fruit to the strawberry party: fresh cherries!

-Finally, Emma, the lovely Southern Cake Queen swooped in with some pretty pink strawberry cupcakes.

Some important notes if you missed this meeting:

– Be sure to come to Amelie’s on June 17 to meet Helene Dujardin, food photographer extraordinaire, who will be in town signing her new book Plate to Pixel.
– Our next meeting will be Tuesday, June 28 — our first weeknight meetup! Details will follow.
– We’d love suggestions for conversation topics, field trips, group challenges, pot luck themes, etc. Record your field trip suggestions here.

Next Meeting: 5/22 at Park Road Park

Charlotte Food Bloggers will be meeting at 12:30 pm on Sunday, May 22 at Park Road Park (same location as last time). Some of us are bringing strawberry-inspired dishes to share, but feel free to bring something berryless to share if you’d rather.  Please bring your own beverage as well.  We’ll enjoy a potluck together and talk about bloggery things.

Also, we’re going green!  Please bring a plate and utensil to use so we can limit our waste.

Leave us a comment below and let us know if you can be there.  See you soon!

Our First Meeting!

Picture a room lit by a single bulb. A decrepit picnic table is housed in one corner. Two lonely dishes of food sit in the middle of it, not occupying it so much as emphasizing its emptiness. Taylor Mathis leans against a wall, tapping his fingers absentmindedly. Julie Ruble sits across the room, debating whether or not to throw something at him to stop the finger tapping. Other than these two pitiful souls, there isn’t a living foodie for miles.

Yeah, that’s about how we pictured our first meeting, too. Thankfully, reality was a lot different.

We’d joked that if we could even double the size of the group to 4 people instead of just us, we’d feel successful. Well, hip-hip-hooray, because 13 food bloggers made it to our first meeting!

The meeting was held in Park Road Park in lovely weather (after being rescheduled due to Saturday’s tornado watch — good grief!). We situated ourselves on picnic tables between a 2-year-old’s birthday party and a swing dancing group — talk about a festive atmosphere. Though we discussed group goals, schedules, and suggestions, the main focus was on chatting and getting to know one another. Conversation topics ranged from veganism to Teen Mom 2 (thankfully, no one brought up poop). And of course, there was lots of EATING — all while cameras clicked away.

We enjoyed the following amazing dishes:

– Vegan Quiche from Julia of No Face Plate

– Chocolate Banana Sunflower Butter Blondies from Katie of Sweet Tater Blog

– Panzanella from The Preppy Vegan

-Chocolate Cookies from Lindsay of Foodie CLT

-Pizza Bread from Brooke of Baking with Basil

-Cold Spaghetti Salad and Cookies from Martha of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

-Assorted appetizers from Alison of Wish Upon a Chef

-Southwest Quinoa Salad from Diana of The Chic Life

-Corn, Avocado, and Tomato Salad from Sarah of Dine & Dish

-Pimiento Cheese Sandwiches from Taylor of Taylor Takes a Taste

-Banana Coconut Cream Cupcakes from Julie of Willow Bird Baking

Oh, and did I mention that there was a cupcake truck involved? The Southern Cake Queen rolled up in her posh truck to give us a tour and some cupcakes. Fun!

We enjoyed meeting everyone immensely, and have already turned our thoughts toward next month. Our next meeting is scheduled tentatively for May 22. Keep your eye on this space for more info! Thanks, everyone, for a wonderful time.

Some important notes if you missed this meeting:

– You can now follow us on Twitter as @CLTFoodBloggers.
– You can also “like” us on Facebook.
– Speaking of keeping you up to date, news and fun endeavors will be posted on this blog and our Twitter and FB pages between meetings.
– Please send any and all CFB questions, comments, and suggestions to our new email address, charlottefoodbloggers ‘at’
– We’d love suggestions for conversation topics, field trips, group challenges, pot luck themes, etc.
– Please send your schedule constraints to our email address above if you haven’t already, so we can pick a meeting time that works for most folks.